Japan I

July 16 - August 2, 2016

Arrival in Osaka

Boat on the canal around Osaka castle

Doutonbori street at night, Osaka centre

Cook on Doutonbori street

Lights on Doutonbori street

Meeting on the way to Nara's Todai-ji

One of them made this picture

This is the main reason for that picture, a deer and me

It wasn't the only deer, there were many between the temples and the tourists

For washing hands and mouth when visiting a boeddhist or shinto temple

Burning incense at the entrance

And beating a drum inside the temple

And finally, add calligraphy in your temple book

Woman in traditional clothing at the Kasuga Taisha, Shinto shrine, surrounded by hundreds of lanterns

Kinkaku-ji, a rebuild golden shrine in the middle of a quiet pond

Memory stones, I suppose, at yet another temple complex in Kyoto


Mural painting of a Japanese lady

Tasting the zenlike atmosphere in the Ryoan-ji, a temple with a rock garden

Sky in the scrapers

From the city to the woods, hiking from Magome to Tsumago

Landscape near Magome

Basket on the way from Magome to Tsumago, don't know anything about the purpose (help!)

Me near a waterfall

Rice fields

A game of stripes and shadows

Tokyo is our next stop, the city will host the Olympic Games in 2020

Tokyo Skytree

Painting in a mall near the skytree

Japanese dragons, meaning I'm near yet another temple

Tokyo bike

Tokyo art

Famous Shibuya crossing on a rainy day

A surprising slide in the middle of a cemetery

One of the highlights is the Tsukiji fishmarket, it has a special schedule for tourists

Preparing tuna fish

Irises, a painting fron Shinsen Tokuoka, 1939

Love this kind of peaceful Japanese drawings

Geisha in traditional clothing with a camera

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