mei 2013

Spring 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine

Easter eggs, in the week before May 5th

Me and some easter eggs in the background, Ivana Franka place

Painting an Easter bird

More beautiful decorated eggs

I crossed a love bridge walking Mariyinski Park, these clasps mean eternal love

Statue near a theatre; yes, I love that hat

Statue at the same place, the puppet theatre, founded in 1927

A house on a corner in Volodymyrska boulevard

I went to see the Giselle ballet in the Taras Shevchenko Opera house

The performers welcome the well deserved applause in the end

The Saint Volodymyr's cathedral, at night, near my hotel

The Lavra monastery, the down part

Lavra again

Still Lavra

A red tulip

Spring blossom, a natural photo incentive

Once again, the beautiful domes of the Lavra churches

St. Andrew's church

A woman on Andriyivsky uzviz

The museum of one street, about Andriyivsky uzviz: charming place, lovely street

Near my hotel I bumped on this clown when searching a vegetarian restaurant

A house in Chernihiv, about 120 kms. north from Kiev

A squirrel behind the tree

A bird :)

Russian orthodox cross in a church museum in Chernihiv

Pigeons in a puddle

This is how a living area looks like, more or less

A window in Chernihiv, title of this picture

Can I sit here?

Back in Kiev I visited some art museums

This one though, is inside the Chernobyl museum, conmemorating the disaster with the nuclear plant in 1986

A hero, as really all the people who risked their lives and helped in the aftermath

Origami birds; there is a special bond with the victims of the Hiroshima bombs

A tram in the Podil barrio, running from Kontraktova place

Geraldine Chaplin, in the museum of modern art in Kiev; she travelled with Air France and the company showed the pictures

Beautiful picture, also in the museum of modern art, but I don't remember who made it

Never seen any stiletto shoes higher than in Ukraine

Fish in the Bessarabska market

Me, near the house of chimeras

The Ukranian flag, symbolizing (yellow) grain and (blue) sky

Back to the eggs

Here's one

Street musicians on the Khreshchatyk boulevard, closed for traffic, on the evening of May 4, celebrating Easter eve

As they played with three persons, one on a kind of flute and two drums

Easter lights near Maydan Nezalezhnosti (the place of the orange revolution in 2004)

Crossing the street, underground, when leaving Kiev again, May 5th