Ierland en Noord-Ierland

25 juli - 12 augustus 2019

The hiking

Harbour at Howth, a small peninsula near Dublin

The first cliffs. As I have some fear of heights, I was minding my steps really well

Do you see two sitting dogs in those rocky things?

Hanging around

The peninsula from above, and also an isle

I've walked the Giant's Causeway coastal route, from Ballycastle to Portstewart (60 km). This is the parish church in Ballintoy

A rock in the sea, a few actually. Scotland is near, but a bit further than rocks in the distance

Sunset,... on a location of The Game of Thrones (which I didn't see yet)

Kind of dramatic

Morning sight, the second day of walking the Giant's

More cliffs, I've just walked where you can spot a few others

And finally reaching the blocks: 40,000 interlocking basalt colums

According to legend, the columns are the remains of a causeway built by a giant

Very touristic, but not so much at sunset


Dunluce castle, 'bears witness to a long and tumultuous history' since 1500

No pooping here, guys, please! Just play, like her.

Portstewart,... made by men and women

Awaiting Brexit

I met Rachel in the Connemara, Killary. A boat ;)

Grey clouds, wet path, many rocks, no rain

The neighbours? Five more miles...


Above are the hiking pictures, here you find the city pictures.