Ierland en Noord-Ierland

25 juli - 12 augustus 2019

The cities

Trinity College, Dublin. Okay, you don't see more than a tower and some clouds

The library. Not on the picture: the Book of Kells, around 800 AD

Photograph in an exposition about Seamus Heaney, Nobel Prize Literature, who tried to make sense (poetry) of the Troubles

Berthe Morisot, le corsage noir, in the National Gallery

A woman waiting, thinking, writing, drinking tea, looking through the window...? In Ulster Museum in Belfast

The watcher, by Irish painter George Russell

Autumnal sorrows, by Frank O'Meara, also Irish

The green coat, Sir John Lavery (painted in 1926)

Houses in Derry

Mural in the Bogside, where the Troubles started 50 years ago

Annette McGavigan (14), shot by the British army on September 6th, 1971

Tower Museum about Irish history. A history with everlasting conflicts between catholics and protestants, nationalists and unionists. Either of them beating their drum.

A pic from a pic. I recommend reading The Milkman, written by Anna Burns

'Music' on the city walls of Derry

Better music

A lady who travelled ages

And a nobleman who did the same

Young dancers on the wall

In action

Galway harbour, my house would be the red one

A butterfly

Painting of The Spanish Arch, in Galway

Arriving in Limerick, on time

Embrace, painted by Irish painter Mary Swanzy. The embrace

Robert Ryan, also exposed in the Limerick Gallery of Art. Could be Ireland, the isolated isle, or England, after the Brexit. Or me, longing for company...

Colourful Waterford

Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland, founded by the vikings in the 9th century

The lady of chess, thinking about her next move

Harbour city..., or actually a ship in the sky. Could be a nice song

Mural, untitled

And another mural, made by Waterford street artists. I'm still thinking about her name.


Above are the city pictures, here you find the hiking pictures.